Collection: FaceMask & Decals

Today masks have become the #1 accessory in our daily lives. And as an artist we want you to look spectacular and at the same time remain safe and protected.

Our masks are prepared by hand and with love.
As our slogan says "From the heart to my hands and from my hands to you".

- 100% cotton fabric and with a wide variety of fabrics to choose from and YOU CAN combine them to your liking.

- They are prepared with pellón for better protection.

- Reversible, so yes !! Two in one.

- More than 1,000 designs to customize them to your liking.

We have sizes for children and adults and 4 different styles.

What do you already have the mask? No problem. We also have iron-on ready decals available for $3 cd/u (we prepare Customs).

So what are you waiting for to order.

For more information or to order you can write to the page on Facebook or Instagram or if you already know what you want, make your order.

➡️Artist "From the heart to my hands and from my hands to you"

Colorful reusable Facemask , for children or adult. Integrated/reusable filter. 2-1 Handmade. Being by hand, the design or print of the mask will be varied.

***Cost does not include custom***

Name, logo or some design has an additional cost of $3 and up.

You can use them as security, nail technician, health professionals, to clean, groomers or others.

FaceMask & Decals